• Sn.Dr.Katikala Siva Bhagya Rao IRS vrs is philanthropist and dedicated his life for the upliftment of the poorest of the poor.
  • He won many accolades and letters of commendation during his service in the Government. His philanthropy journey began on 18-12-1981 from his college days by listening to the speech of Dr. B. R .Ambedkar at Agra on 18th March -1956, and inspired and founded Ambedkar Yuvajana Sangham in 1982. He also founded KKM educational society, Sneha Club, Sneha MACS ltd, Sneha marriage bureau, Snehawaani, Sneha Chits (100% profits for charity) Prajapalana daily paper, Sneha Tv channel and other organisation.
  • His family members are also brought in to this such group During Gener al Body Meeting of Sneha Macs on 10th September-2018 one of the deposit holder demanded for inclusion of family members as trustee of the society for improving in the confidence levels of the deposit holders. In response, His wife Smt. K. Swarnalatha took VRS from bank and joined in the Macs Society. In another General Body Meeting on 18-05-09 the same member along with other deposit holders suggested inclusion of children as trustee similarly, His children’s Mr. Kranthi Kumar and Mr. Srikanth were admitted in the Board giving up their wishes to become a Civil Servant and joined in the organization.
  • The Sneha Group of Organisation extent of 14 lakh families the last 38 years by way of conducting distribution of books, training programs, and Medical Camp etc.., through Sneha Clubs spread over all district of AP & TS and parts of Tamil nadu and Karnataka in 2008, Westbrook University conferred upon him the honorary doctorate for his contribution to the field of social service.
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