Privacy Policy

    Only logged in members can see their own complete profile. Logged in members cannot see other member's complete profile. Contact information will not be available to anyone whether it is ambedkarist /Buddhist Parinay profile or general profile. Each account will be unique and their information will not shareable with others. Only Admin of can view the complete profile of any registered member of Admin of has full right to edit the profile contents of any registered member if Admin thinks that something needs to be edit.

    Contents And Source Materials

    In the media age there are various sources to collect the essential information related to Ambedkarite movement. The people (both registered member as well as non-registered members) has contributed and are contributing by providing and/or adding various information onto Just to mention a few, following are our sources:

    • Newspapers (like Vruttaratna Samrat, Bahujanratna Loknayak, Jantecha Mahanayak, Vishva Samrat, Bahujan Maharashtra and some other non Ambedkarite movement newspapers)
    • Circulated Pamphlets or advertisements
    • Books, Magazines, Calendars, Publications
    • Various Buddhist and movement blogs, websites, online forums, online groups (yahoogroup, googlegroup, orkut communities, facebook communities etc)
    • Emails sent by well wishers
    • Feedbacks and suggestions received from people
    • People who shared with us the source materials they have/had
    • and last but not least is personal meet and interaction with people from various regions including Hyderabad ,Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Amrawati.

    As collects the information of various Ambedkarite Organizations and Buddhavihars and Ambedkarite Periodicals and Ambedkarite Publications by registered members of and's aim is to make communication between these organizations, all information will be publically displayed to all members including phone numbers, cell numbers, addresses, names, emails, urls etc.

    Contact Person/S

    The availability of information is for social cause, for the betterment of the society. It does not mean that its a lagging of awareness of privacy. Also the contact persons and/or contact numbers and/or contact emails are just for getting started interaction/communication. They might not be a part of that organization or Buddhavihar but might knew the nearby/exact location of the organization or Buddhavihar so that other people can easily reach their to meet more and more people, they might already visited to the said place, they might had been in contact with concern person/s of the said organizations or Buddhavihar. It means actual authorized person/s or committee may be different. Any well wisher can send us an updated contact details at any time through emails or post or on telephonic conversation.

    Apart from this if any of the organizations or persons wish to not to share their contact details sooner or later, they can contact us by dropping an email at Once the request of hiding contact details received, will be considerd as high priority and will hide and/or delete those contact details.

    Refund Policy

    Since the funds are collected as donations and no business is being carried, no return policy is applicable.

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